TAPFUSION combines the concepts of postmodern dance with the sounds of tap with the result being a richly percussive, gracefully fluid style which exceeds the limitations of the traditional forms.

This unlikely combination seeks to expand the audience’s pre-conceived notions about both art forms, as well as expose lovers of one dance genre to the other.

TAPFUSION as a not-for-profit dance company seeks to raise awareness of and create interest in the art form of dance.

Through programs that combine tap dance, modern dance, and live music, the company encourages the general public to reconsider their ideas about the relationship of dance to their lives and to inspire audiences to find art in what they consider ordinary.

TAPFUSION work has been seen in New York City in the 92ndStreet Y’s “Sundays at 3” series, at the Williamsburg Art neXus, “dancenow/NYC”, “The 17th Annual Downtown Dance Festival” in Battery Park, University Settlement as well as in Washington, DC and Florida.

The work has been funded in the past by the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Jeremiah Kaplan Foundation, The John and Jody Arnhold Foundation, The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation and the New York Department of Cultural Affairs through the Manhattan Community Arts Fund.

In 2022, TAPFUSION added to its mission that it would seek to provide charitable assistance to victims of humanitarian crises worldwide. The Board of Directors further authorized the creation of the “Ukraine Project“, a designated fund to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.