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Tap Fusion Inc. partners with The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund

Tap Fusion Inc. partners with The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund

To address the humanitarian crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, TapFusion has amended its Articles of Incorporation to include providing aid to humanitarian crises.

TAPFUSION’s first order of business after doing this has been to partner with The Ukraine Protection and Development Fund, a registered charity founded in Ukraine by people living in Ukraine to address the challenges Ukraine is facing

In cooperation between UPDFund and TapFusion’s UKRAINE PROJECT we are focusing on the following:

Generators for Life

Generators for Life

Villages are damaged due to artillery and fighting, and Russians are intentionally attacking infrastructure. 

We purchase and accept donated electricity generators of any power from 1 to 1000 kW and place them on a temporary use basis in areas that need them. 

When the need is past we move them to an area that is needy.

Presently our generators are in recently liberated Izyum and Balakliya and right along the front line in Kherson, Mykolaiv and Donetsk Oblasts. 

We have requests from village councils, hospitals and volunteer groups for more than 50 more generators, and could place 100 if they were available.  

Computers for the Front

We collect used and purchase new computers, laptops, tablets, printers, routers, servers and other electronic equipment for supply to artillery spotters, drone pilots, security teams and even back office accountants, HR and lawyers. 

Equipment has been donated from Ukraine, Poland, the UK, Denmark and Sweden.  Our costs included cable changes and repairs for used equipment, especially purchase of new laptop batteries and memory, as well as shipping and purchase of new equipment. 

Adopt a School and Adopt a Hospital

Schools and hospitals have suffered more than average from artillery attacks and fighting. 

We partner Ukrainian schools and hospitals with other schools, hospitals, charities and community groups to provide short-term help and hopefully build a long-term relationship including delivery of old projectors, computers and screens to Ukrainian schools, sharing best practices on school reconstruction and hopefully long-term teacher exchanges, distance classes and student-friendship programmes.